20 things you can get rid of NOW!

+ Old Cell Phones.

+ Shoes that you no longer wear or have grown out of love with.

+ Picture frames just sitting in a box.

+ Hangers (we all have too many).

+ Books you no longer need.

+ Cups. Coffee mugs and plastic cups.

+ Linens you no longer use.

+ Old nail polish.

+ Decorations that are just sitting in your closet.

+ Old socks (I can see some holes in them hehe).

+ Kids’ artwork.

+ Lingerie you never wear from your bachelorette party 10 years ago.

+ Old makeup.

+ Power cords to who knows what.

+ DVDs and CDs.

+ Toys the kids never touch anymore.

+ Towels.

+ Shoes that have seen better days.

+ Hair accessories.

+ Clothing that has stains and rips in them.

I hope you get some of these crossed off this list and you can breathe a little lighter.

Don't stop there! Keep it going!

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