Home Office Upgrade! 🙌🏼

Working from home these days this space needed some extra love.

I recently moved my desk into my husbands office. #oops

My desk was in our master bedroom and I was never using it. Work and sleep shouldn't mix. We need good sleep to work well. I needed my desk in a place where I could focus and be creative.

My husband didn't mind well at least he didn't say much but his eyebrows did. HA! We normally work on a different schedule anyways so it is all good. If we work in the evening we get some time together just to talk about random things. Those times are nice especially when you have a toddler.

I took the time to declutter and organize our space on Monday. It turned out so great. I started with our cubby system that houses books, games, extra work shirts/hats and gym items. I moved to my husbands desk next. Don't tell him but I decluttered it and made sure everything now has a home. It was driving me nuts. It's not my desk but I use it sometimes so I needed it to be functional, can I get an amen?

Everything is labeled, drawers are organized and everything has a home!! #winning

Are you currently working from home? How is it going for you?

Is your space decluttered and organized?

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